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Abkin Services Brochure/


Abkin is a newly established startup services company in Africa. They wanted an A4 Brochure design with a different but unique and serious look to it. Giving their target market the confidence in them to handle the services they are offering.

Other requirements included staying away from typical blue and white corporate colour schemes and avoiding stock images of employees sat around a conference table.


There was't a limit on the number of pages but from the amount of copy, eight pages was the ideal choice to go for. I decided to go for a red colour scheme because it stood out and as a colour it symbolised passion, strength and excitement. These three attributes represented that the company can handle the services offered in the brochure.

Imagery was also a key in keeping the design away from being too serious. It also allowed the copy to be broken up and keeping the layout clean and uncluttered.




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03 Feb 2016