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Game Boy Game Boy Pocket Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance Game Boy Advance SP Game Boy Micro

Happy Birthday Game Boy


Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Game Boy

The handheld console which made history with its portability and entertaining games, turns 25 this year. Celebrate with us, as we take a look back at the Game Boy consoles released by Nintendo.

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Game Boy


Game Boy

Official figures from Nintendo state that an estimated 100,000,000 units were sold worldwide.

The UK

That’s enough for everyone in both the United Kingdom (63,700,000) and Australia (22,680,000) to have one each.

Game Boy Pocket


Game Boy Pocket

Smaller and lighter than the original Game boy, the first generation did not have the power indicator.

hours of gameplay

Unlike the original Game Boy, (which needed four AA Batteries), the Game Boy Pocket only required two AAA batteries. giving approximately 10 hours of gameplay.

Game Boy Color


Game Boy Color

The first in the Game Boy line to have a coloured screen.

Game Boy Game Cartridge
Game Boy Color Game Cartridge

The Game Boy Color was backward compatible, allowing you to play any Game Boy game. There were some games exclusive to the GBC, these had special game cartridges to stop them being played on older systems.

Game Boy Advance


Game Boy Advance

With a 32-bit CPU processor the GBA was capable of playing games ported over from older consoles.

240px GBA screen 160px
160px GB screen 144px

The console also sported a horizontal layout, allowing a wider format screen. THE GBA supported a resolution of 240x160 in comparison to the 160x144 of the GB and GBC.

Game Boy Advance SP


Game Boy Advance SP

The SP is the redesign of the Game Boy Advance. the most notable change is the clam shell casing, reducing the height to half the width.

Recharegable Battery
Brighter screen

WIth the SP, came the rechargeable battery and a brighter screen with backlighting. The screen brightness was an issue with the original GBA.

Game Boy Micro


Game Boy Micro

The Second redesign of the original GBA, the micro had a customisable front casing.

Similar in design to the original GBA, this was the last in the Game Boy line. The DS was out at the same time and Unfortunately it did not do as well.

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