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24 Oct 2011

Think Blue. Symphony

Written by Chris

I’ve seen this ad quite a few times and initially I couldn’t find any videos of it or information online, maybe because it was too new but now there is! I love it, the stop motion feel of it and the lovely illustrations. The soundtrack does wonders to it too! If you like this too then you have to watch the making of video too!

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08 Oct 2011

Muller Wunderfull Stuff Ad

Written by Chris

I saw this inbetween XFactor, and simply loved it! Brings back childhood memories seeing the Mr Men and especially Mutley! If only Dick Dastardly is in it. The motion graphics involved is also magnificent.

20 Jul 2011

Converse ‘Desire’ – The Mill (Behind the scenes)

Written by Chris

Click to watch bigger on youtube! This video is amazing, showing you the process behind the making. It’s so good being able to see the composite shots combined with the results you seen on screen. I can’t even believe some of the stuff are digitally made and just brought together on the computer. Seeing the development on the characters is also really amazing too. The different layers of effects to create the stunning visuals!

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03 Feb 2016