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30 Dec 2012

Silver Snail Comics advertising

Written by Chris
SIlver Snail Comics advert in Kryptonian

This advertising is for Silver Snail comics which was relocating to a new location and wanted to let their customers know about this. The agency behind the concept, Cheil’s Toronto office, thought that the only way was to communicate it in the way only their customers would know.

Three adverts were made, each one in a different language consisting of: Klingon, Elvish and Kryptonian. In the bottom of the ad is a QR code for those who are not fluent in those languages to be able to translate the message into English.

I like this advertising concept purely for how geeky it is and the fact that it is able to bring QR codes into the concept. Creating a nice bit of integration for something so simple. The idea that the ads can be read straight-away by those who know the languages makes it feel like it is an exclusive club that only the cool people are allowed in on.

Advert in Klingon with English translation to the right

Silver Snail Comics ad in Klingon with English translation

Advert in Elvish with translation displayed next to it

Silver Snail Comics ad in Elvish with English translation

Advert in Kryptonian with the English translation shown on the right

Silver Snail Comics ad in Kryptonian with English translation

Some information on the creatives behind this advertising.

Advertising Agency: Cheil, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Joe Musicco
Art Directors: Laura Kitching, Helene Larochelle, Donald Vann
Copywriters: Tom Mednick, Scott Lew, Jason Partridge
Graphic Designers: Adam Pittman, Joe Borges

Images thanks to Ads of the World

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