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28 Feb 2012

Selfridges London launches new Triumph Essence Campaign

Written by Chris

Selfridges in London has launched a campaign to sell the Triumph Essence range through the use of experimental, digital, print and in-store media. The in-store advertisements include the use of an Augmented Reality feature called Fantasy Mirror and the use of QR codes hidden in the Lingerie department that offer smartphone users exclusive content.

Use of campaign music and illustrations also boost this campaign further. This is very exciting news indeed as I’ve seen the use of QR codes in an event competition at the Hong Kong 2011 Asia Gameshow. Winners who were able to find and scan the exclusive QR codes containing the bronze, silver and gold cup won prizes. With the gold offering a PlayStation themed USB Memory stick. The campaign also uses Helena Christensen to model the new lingerie range. It sounds like Selfridges are embracing all this new technology to market a product they’re selling, I’m sure with this media attention it will be a success.

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