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09 Aug 2011

Riot in Manchester?

Written by Chris

They are saying there could be a riot in the Manchester and Salford Area. This pic from Tweetpic has been going around:

I really hope it isn’t true, Manchester is such a lovely place and all the chaos this will bring is just not good. Just think of how frightened people will be and the damage to the place, the violence all these riots happening in London and some other cities. It’s not even about the original cause anymore!

Something I have heard about it, is that these riots are organised on Twitter and BlackBerry. It’s actually quite scary how today’s technologies, as beneficial as they are to our daily lives can be used for something like this. These communications were supposed to create healthy communities where people can contact each other and share their everyday lives. I guess with the internet anything can happen and it’s not like it hasn’t been abused in the past before.

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