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19 May 2012

Being very naughty again…

Written by Chris
Instagram App Logo

Okay so once again I have neglected my blog ever so slightly again however there is good reason as I am updating my website. Yes, I have kept it hidden for ages now but soon I will be finished and it will be amazing. Since my last blog lots of things have been happening like Instagram being bought by Facebook. Very exciting news indeed when it happened as it was something that was trending and expected to keep growing. So for it to become one with the ‘book and what would happen to it became part of the buzz.

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04 Apr 2012

Nude American Apparel Ads banned again

Written by Chris

No stranger to controversey, nude American Apparel ads have been banned and it comes to no surprise for those familiar to AA advertising campaigns. It was reported earlier today that Advertising Standards Agency have put the lid once more on the latest campaign from the trendy fashion retailer. The adverts in question displayed the breasts and buttocks of the models and were described in complaints as “pornographic”. The ASA later stated that the ads were exploitative and the gratuitous nudity would causwe widespread offence. They were warned not to use similar images that were exploitative and sexualised women again.
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23 Mar 2012

Footlocker – It’s a Sneaker Thing Catalogue

Written by Chris
It's a Sneaker Thing brochure found in Footlocker

I was in Footlocker today when I came across their in-house catalogue (pictured right).

I picked it up immediately out of curiosity. There are some nice page layouts in there and the magazine does look pretty cool. Like the image below for example. The shoes are arranged in a non-conventional matter and it works rather quite well.

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18 Mar 2012


Written by Chris

Today I’ve been using the font Georgia in a design I’ve been working on. I must admit it has really grown on me. It really adds a touch of sophistication and as a standard serif, is a pretty nice typeface.

14 Mar 2012

Mr Kipling unveils exceedingly bus shelters

Written by Chris

This advert campaign sounds like a really engaging way for Mr Kipling as a brand to engage with their customers. What better idea than to draw in publicity for your brand than free cake? The idea of free food will get so much attention. I like how they have a celebrity doing the PR stuff for them too and someone from Gavin and Stacey as well. Drawing in the popularity of the show and no doubt the audience of the show will be one of the target market of Mr Kiplings. If you look into it this campaign is pretty clever. Not to mention the experimentation with new technology like scented adverts.

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09 Mar 2012

Krispy Kreme new campaign

Written by Chris

I love these adverts from Krispy Kreme, I read about them on The Drum before actually seeing them in rea life. I was a little awed when I saw them because I thought they were only down in London or something. The colours in the ad are really nice and the large bold type of the headline really stand out. Can’t beat well set type really.

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28 Feb 2012

Written by Chris

So I’ve jumped on the Instragram band wagon for a while now and find it quite fun. I know it can be annoying to those outside of the circle who get waves of instagram related posts on their Twitter/Facebook feeds but it can be quite interesting to see what people post. I’ve not done a whole deal on it myself but finding the time to get your phone out and take snaps isn’t always the best and sometimes you just plain forget. Anyway I hope to add more fun and interesting pics in the future!

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