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22 Feb 2013

30 Best Print Advertisements

Written by Daniel Ray

Advertising is one of the most famous tools of marketing and therefore it has a lot of importance. The advertising is of many kinds. For example the ads we see on the billboards are different than the ones we see on the television. However all the ads that are printed can be passed off as the print ads. It is extremely important that the print ads be very eye catching and attractive so that the maximum number of effects can be gained from them.

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30 Dec 2012

Silver Snail Comics advertising

Written by Chris
SIlver Snail Comics advert in Kryptonian

This advertising is for Silver Snail comics which was relocating to a new location and wanted to let their customers know about this. The agency behind the concept, Cheil’s Toronto office, thought that the only way was to communicate it in the way only their customers would know.

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20 Nov 2012

Abkin Services Brochure Design uploaded

Written by Chris
Abkin Brochure Design post preview

The blogging has slipped a little again but no need to fear because I have an update! I completed this brochure design a while back but only had the time recently to mock it up and upload the work on here. The client is called Abkin, a newly established setup services company whose aim is to help businesses new to the location with the setup issues they may face. Giving them more time to focus on their main businesses problems.

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20 Oct 2012

Velvet’s Campaign for Trees

Written by Chris
Velvet Tissues Facebook page and app

I came across a campaign from Velvet whilst browsing Facebook, a few of my friends like the Velvet’s Campaign for trees page. Upon investigation there is a promotion on their page where you sign up on the online app and you will get a free pack of Velvets Balm Pocket Tissues.

Nice little bit of marketing but of course there is more, you will also be given a coupon for 75p off your next purchase of an 8 x Velvet Balm pocket pack. Lots of little nice incentives to draw consumers into buying the brand. I also took a little look on their website and found this green scheme they have going called Three trees promise. Basically they plant three trees for every one they use up. You can read more about this by clicking here. It is always important these days to a big company to show they care about things other than profit making and green campaigns are always a good way to do this.

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03 Oct 2012

New Twitter header image

Written by Chris
My new Twitter profile page design

Hello everyone,

I thought I will give a small update this week, I began designing a new background and general graphics overhaul for my Twitter account. I wanted something that was new and visually appealing for visitors of my profile.

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News and Updates

03 Feb 2016
Uber logo redesign

DPS ads are part of advertising campaign for a company's marketing and so brand communication is important, this Nike DPS ad is a good example of how ...

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