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04 Apr 2012

Nude American Apparel Ads banned again

Written by Chris

No stranger to controversey, nude American Apparel ads have been banned and it comes to no surprise for those familiar to AA advertising campaigns. It was reported earlier today that Advertising Standards Agency have put the lid once more on the latest campaign from the trendy fashion retailer. The adverts in question displayed the breasts and buttocks of the models and were described in complaints as “pornographic”. The ASA later stated that the ads were exploitative and the gratuitous nudity would causwe widespread offence. They were warned not to use similar images that were exploitative and sexualised women again.

AA defended their use of said images to be similar to that found by friends on social networks and that they based their decision on what was and not offensive based on current trends. These adverts appeared on both the AA website and print material released by the fashion retailer.

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