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26 Sep 2012

Myspace reveals their new website design in video

Written by Chris
Myspace reveals new design

Today a video was released on Vimeo of the new design for Myspace. The redesign looks amazing from a UI point-of-view, from the grid layout to the use of type. However it does feel like a slight mix of several different layout types rolled into one.

For example in the most featured screens you see a design similar to that of Pinterest boards and some like the Xbox Live homescreen interface. Everything is really simple and clean in terms of design and that is what I really like about it, they even have use of data visualisation with pie-charts.

The new design will definitely draw people in to use it when it is relaunched. The hype of seeing how Myspace plans to make a come-back will do the same. However will this be enough to keep people and bring it back to the front-line of social media?

To view the video from Myspace click here.

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