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23 Sep 2012

My font Remnant used in The Nightmare Club and Penpal

Written by Chris

Not many people know this but I am also a Font Designer and let me assure you, I have had some success in this field. I turned a Uni project into a Font called Remnant, which can be found on Dafonts and 1001fonts. Since it was first published I have received emails about how it has been used from satisfied users, two of which are worthy of note.

The Nightmare Club – Children’s Book series

The first I got back in the summer of 2011 from an Irish Graphic Designer called Fidelma Slattery. She had used the font for a book cover design she was doing as part of a series for Children’s books called The Nightmare Club. The book came out early October and when it did I definitely went to get myself a copy. When you see your work actually in use you get a nice feeling inside. I appreciate that Fidelma got in touch with me and told me about her using the font. The illustrations are also really nice and the style of the books really fit well together. I really like how each book has it’s own colour. Anyway if you have children and they like some horror stories, consider this series of books.


This summer I received another surprise when I got another email about the use of my font, this time from the author of the book Penpal. Dathan Auerbach wrote the book himself and used Kickstart to get the funds he needed to make this project a success. Dathan emailed me and told me that he had used the font and that the book would be published in August. The book is out now of course and you can find it on Amazon. The font has also been used for promotional material for the book like t-shirts and other cool stuff. Once again I must say I appreciate that people get in touch with me about the font, it isn’t a requirement but I do state it is optional in the license for the font. In addition I am given credit as the Designer of the title font in the opening of the book.

That is all I have to say for now, definitely check the font out at Dafont and 1001fonts. These two places are the official website to get it from.

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