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14 Mar 2012

Mr Kipling unveils exceedingly bus shelters

Written by Chris

This advert campaign sounds like a really engaging way for Mr Kipling as a brand to engage with their customers. What better idea than to draw in publicity for your brand than free cake? The idea of free food will get so much attention. I like how they have a celebrity doing the PR stuff for them too and someone from Gavin and Stacey as well. Drawing in the popularity of the show and no doubt the audience of the show will be one of the target market of Mr Kiplings. If you look into it this campaign is pretty clever. Not to mention the experimentation with new technology like scented adverts.

The idea of scented adverts does interest me quite a lot like the mechanics behind how the scent is implemented and just what kinds of concepts can use this idea. Another campaign that has used this is McCain with their Potato ads. It does seem bus shelter’s are where they are used. Given that you can go right upto a poster at a shelter it seems obvious however I do wonder why it can’t be at any random ad location? So long as you can be stood close enough to it to smell it.

Anyway I hope to be able to explore advertising like this soon!

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