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05 May 2014

Home Sweet Home – Branding review

Written by Chris
Hot Chocolate drink from Home Sweet Home in the Northern Quarter

Recently I went to a place called Home Sweet Home, it is a restaurant/cafe in the Northern Quarter (NQ). The place is known for their American style food and quirkiness. They are owned by the same people who run Almost Famous Burgers, an American style burger diner, also in Manchester. Visiting this place isn’t new to me, I’ve been a couple of times with friends and work. What makes this time different, is the fact that they have changed their branding; to be more precise, their brand materials.

The menus have changed; the textured design style has now gone, replaced with a clean and simple design. See below for a photo of their breakfast menu:

Home Sweet Home menu

They used to have a light blue, or baby blue colour as their primary brand colour; replaced with a strong orangey-red colour that really attracts the eye. The cleaner style also makes the menu easier to read; not that I had too much of a problem before. However without all the clutter, the reading experience is all the more pleasant.

I also find interesting how the items are highlighted with white, drawing attention away from the price. Was this tactical on their part, enticing customers with their lovely food titles and descriptions, leaving price concerns for when they get their bill after? Despite all that, the new menu’s get a thumbs-up from me, as a customer and a Designer.

Hot Chocolate drink, with Marshmallows and cream

Moving on, the hot chocolate drink is so lovely, amazingly finished-off with Marshmallows and cream (which is optional). The reason I am writing about it, isn’t that unfortunately, but the mug they serve it to you in. Pictured below is this fantastic drink:

Hot chocolate in a Home Sweet Home branded mug.

That’s not the greatest photo of it, with the overflowing chocolatey-goodness, however I think it you get the idea of how good it is. The branded mug is fantastic, not only are you reminded of where you are but it is also a nice personal-touch for the place. The colour chosen for it is also just-right. The faded, pastel blue is subtle and not in-your-face, like it is there with you but not crashing your little party. This all reinforces the fact that Home Sweet Home is this small, comforting cafe that you can relax and enjoy the food with your friends in. It’s those little subtle things like the mug and the atmosphere of the place you know.

The meal. Donut French Toast

We’re finally here, the Donut French toast… From food-wise, absolutely amazing and beautiful, it is literally donuts made in a French toast. Finished with three slices of Bacon, maple syrup and blueberries; there isn’t much to complain about really. See for yourself the lovely deliciousness below:

Donut French toast ordered from Home Sweet Home in Manchester's Northern Quarter.

The Home Sweet Home brand sells itself to be honest, the food does all the talking for them. The brand collaterals, such as the menus and interior design, all reinforce the American diner style and cosiness they have going on here. It is really all about the food, everything else just backs-it-up. I haven’t even touched on the milkshakes yet, Oreo Milkshakes, enough said. It comes topped with two Oreo biscuits, there is also a nice selection to choose from too. Highly recommended.

In conclusion, five stars have to go to this place, I mean what more do you want? Delicious, tasty food and a nice atmosphere to enjoy with all your friends. Like I mentioned before, the food does all the talking for this place and it is this that is at the core of their brand. Their logo and branded design materials convey the cosiness and American diner style which they have built-up. Their success can be seen in how well they are doing amongst all the competition they face in Manchester’s biggest alternative scene, The Northern Quarter.

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