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04 May 2014

Game Boy anniversary campaign microsite

Written by Chris
Game Boy 25th Infographic

After almost a year of neglect for this blog, I am back! This time I have been producing, since early April, an infographic and campaign microsite, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the launch of the original Game Boy. The handheld console first came out in Japan, April 21st 1989. It beaten it’s competitor’s by a mile with its simplicity and addictive games.

With a basic four-tone colour palette screen, the powerfully addictive and simple games made Game Boy the most popular handheld console to have, despite competitors using coloured-screens and powerful technical hardware. Not to mention the Game Boy having Tetris bundled with it, Tetris is a simple puzzle game, where you stack falling blocks into a line in order to avoid the screen filling-up. It is a timeless classic piece, developed by a Russian gaming developer.

Enough about the history of Nintendo’s Game Boy, below is the link to the microsite, where you can see all the nice interactive features:

Alternatively, at the bottom of this post, is an image version of the infographic.

I wanted to do an interactive infographic for a while now but never had a theme or topic which gave me the right motivation to see it all the way through. This project led me to learn and use JavaScript which I hadn’t used before; it was a nice learning curve in developing out-of-the-norm websites.

Game Boy infogaphic

Celebrate Game Boy’s 25th Birthday, designed by Chris Au.

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