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02 Jun 2013

DPS ads research and Nike’s big butts

Written by Chris

Lately I have been researching for a DPS ad design and upon looking at blog posts on it, came across this little number (pictured). It is a Nike ad for the “Just Do It” campaign featuring women with big butts.

Now I know what you are thinking, big corporate brand sexualising women and all that. However it isn’t all that bad because there is quite a bit of creative concept behind it and it shows through in the design direction and copy. For example, the body copy is set in a way so that it replicates the shape of the buttocks and the image featured with the article. In addition to this if you think about it, the curvature that this shape makes is similar to the curvature that can be found at the bottom of the Nike swoosh. So this is communicates and ties-in with the Nike branding. To add the final icing on this ad, at the end of the copy it mentions how to those people who don’t like big butts, they can kiss it. This is wonderfully followed by the campaign tagline, “Just Do It”, what a wonderful ad it actually is if you look past the initial reaction to an image of a woman’s bottom.

I find this ad also empowers woman more than objectifying them. It can’t be helped for atheletic woman to develop the muscles in their bum due to training and it’s not as if they are doing it just to get a big bum for looks. These woman are hard working Athletes who want to do well at their chosen sport.

Anyway I shall return to getting inspiration for DPS ads now and hopefully find more gems.

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