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11 May 2014

Condomania ad shows plastic-wrapped intimate couples

Written by Chris
Poster-ad campaign for Condomania.

Today I bring you a bizarre but interesting advertising campaign for Japanese Condom brand, Condomania. The series of posters are a creative concept by Ogilvy & Mather Japan, and photography work from Photographer Hal; an artist whose work focuses on couples and their relationship, by vacuum-packing them together in plastic bags.

Preserve the love. Wear a condom.

The photographs features couples, who are naked and sealed together into a plastic bag; to preserve their love. This is all anchored with the tagline, “Preserve the love. Wear a condom”. The concept and execution are a little weird; but in my opinion, is what makes the ads great. The visuals represent contraception nicely by freezing the intimate moment between a couple, shutting out what comes afterwards; and we all know what naturally comes after sexual-intercourse. It is also interesting to note, the couples are packed into a heart-shape to link the work with love; this is further reinforced by the intimate positions they are posed in.

Documentary the creative process

If you are interested in how these works were created, you can get insight into the process behind the production of these posters in the official video below:

It is also nice to see one of the couples featured in the campaign, talking about their experience inside the vacuum-packed bags and how it brought them closer together. You also get to see how Photographer Hal has to compose the shape of the couples, by moving their limbs and bodies into place. Seeing the process involved really makes you appreciate the effort put into the creative production of these ads.

You also see that as soon as the air is removed, Photographer Hal zooms straight into position to take the photos. This shows the dangers of his work, the couples inside won’t have much air inside to breath so it is essential that he get his photos and lets them out.

However you might feel about these ads, it is definitely worth checking out. See below for images from the campaign.

An image from the Condomania Preserve the love campaign.

An image from the Condomania Preserve the love campaign.

An image from the Condomania Preserve the love campaign.

Finally, many thanks to Ad Agency Ogilvy & Mather Japan and Photographer Hal for producing this nice piece of work. It’s always nice to see creative work that is provoking and outside-of-the-box-thinking.

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