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18 Aug 2014

Update on my current well-being

Written by Chris

Back in May I said to myself that I would blog more and make something of it. However I began to slip in June, yes it didn’t take me long. Life then decided to throw a curve ball right at me, for you see in late July I had to go to hospital and eventually stayed for a total of eighteen whole days.

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20 Nov 2012

Abkin Services Brochure Design uploaded

Written by Chris
Abkin Brochure Design post preview

The blogging has slipped a little again but no need to fear because I have an update! I completed this brochure design a while back but only had the time recently to mock it up and upload the work on here. The client is called Abkin, a newly established setup services company whose aim is to help businesses new to the location with the setup issues they may face. Giving them more time to focus on their main businesses problems.

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03 Oct 2012

New Twitter header image

Written by Chris
My new Twitter profile page design

Hello everyone,

I thought I will give a small update this week, I began designing a new background and general graphics overhaul for my Twitter account. I wanted something that was new and visually appealing for visitors of my profile.

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26 Feb 2012

Still Alive!!

Written by Chris

Hello folks,

It’s been a while, a long time even, however I have returned to blogging! Yay I kind of stopped because I just couldn’t find the time with my new job. I have been working as a Junior Designer since November and it’s been great. The people there are very nice, I work with a great team of like-minded people and it’s been good getting to know them. Besides the people I work closely with the rest of the company are just as great, a good mix of a variety of skills and experiences of people and I definitely look forward to getting to know them more. Besides my day to day tasks I recently found out it is possible to write blog posts for the company blog. So I got involved in it and here it is, my first blog post for theEword!

Mobile Web or Responsive Web Design?

So go on have a read because I definitely enjoyed writing it! I think I will end this post here for now but expect more from me from now on!

17 Jul 2011

Finally Complete

Written by Chris

My Website is now finally complete with the new blog installed! I have been meaning to do this for ages but finally found the motivation and determination to do it! What do you all think? It has been a challenge but I found it very beneficial and definitely a skill that I can translate into other work. Editing the templates to match my own site was easier than I thought. It was just changing the rest of the blog pages that was the challenge. I hope you enjoy looking through every aspect of my site and looking at my work. I certainly enjoyed designing and developing the whole site, as much of an effort that it was.

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03 Feb 2016