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26 Feb 2012

Still Alive!!

Written by Chris

Hello folks,

It’s been a while, a long time even, however I have returned to blogging! Yay I kind of stopped because I just couldn’t find the time with my new job. I have been working as a Junior Designer since November and it’s been great. The people there are very nice, I work with a great team of like-minded people and it’s been good getting to know them. Besides the people I work closely with the rest of the company are just as great, a good mix of a variety of skills and experiences of people and I definitely look forward to getting to know them more. Besides my day to day tasks I recently found out it is possible to write blog posts for the company blog. So I got involved in it and here it is, my first blog post for theEword!

Mobile Web or Responsive Web Design?

So go on have a read because I definitely enjoyed writing it! I think I will end this post here for now but expect more from me from now on!

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03 Feb 2016