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17 Sep 2011

Made by Shape

Written by Chris

So back in August I started a placement at Shape for a week. I was very excited when they told me I got the placement because I needed some web design experience to add to my CV. I was certainly not disappointed, it was a great experience and I’m quite happy with the work I produced. It will be good to see the live version of it. It was also a pleasure to work at Shape and the team certainly made it an experience.

09 Aug 2011

Riot in Manchester?

Written by Chris

They are saying there could be a riot in the Manchester and Salford Area. This pic from Tweetpic has been going around:

I really hope it isn’t true, Manchester is such a lovely place and all the chaos this will bring is just not good. Just think of how frightened people will be and the damage to the place, the violence all these riots happening in London and some other cities. It’s not even about the original cause anymore!

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08 Aug 2011

It’s been a while!

Written by Chris

Many things have come up in the last week and I have neglected my blogging, for shame! Anyway I am currently working on a freelance project whilst also getting a callback for an interview and preparing the work they asked us to do for it. Fingers crossed I get this job! Also next week I start a placement at a Web/Digital Agency so I am proper excited! Finally getting some Web Design experience under my belt! This freelance project is also a Web Design one, designing a mail order website so learning many things. It’s also been quite tough managing my own project, making sure it is moving forward. Good thing is my client are very lovely people so there isn’t loads of pressure to have lots and lots done everyday. However this doesn’t mean I can slack so whilst doing the Design and coding piece for the interview call back I have to manage the freelance too.

Very busy life for me at the moment, I won’t let it get to me though!

24 Jul 2011

Graduation 21/07/2011

Written by Chris

Graduation was a beautiful day indeed, got to celebrate the end of my degree with my fellow students that I have spent the last 3/4 years with. It has been very emotional and it has been a pleasure being in BA Hons Graphic Design class of 2011.
I wish everyone the best of luck in whatever they do next. As for myself I am tirelessly looking for work experience and potential jobs. I have my fingers crossed and I shall always stay positive no matter what!
Here are some photos from the day!
Me and Graduation Robes
Me and my friends
Group Photo

20 Jul 2011

Email Newsletter and E-Shot Advertising work added!

Written by Chris

Just updated my Portfolio with some Digital Advertising work from my work experience. I really should have added these sooner but only just found the time for them. I like these because it shows I have done corporate work and looked at following brand guidelines. In terms of following grids I think I did ok with them. I think I could have looked at doing different grids for both instead of using similar ones. Time was against me and something effective had to be made. I also had help from the director who really helped me with hierarchy in the structure. Overall I am pleased with them.

That’s it for now, keep your eyes peeled because there is more on the way.

19 Jul 2011

New Business Cards on their way!

Written by Chris

I’ve finally sent my new business card designs off for print. I can’t wait to get them because it definitely shows change from my second year at Uni. The previous designs from that year were not the best at all and I’m sure during our degree shows they let me down a bit. However I did manage to shift quite a few so it must have done me some justice!

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17 Jul 2011

Finally Complete

Written by Chris

My Website is now finally complete with the new blog installed! I have been meaning to do this for ages but finally found the motivation and determination to do it! What do you all think? It has been a challenge but I found it very beneficial and definitely a skill that I can translate into other work. Editing the templates to match my own site was easier than I thought. It was just changing the rest of the blog pages that was the challenge. I hope you enjoy looking through every aspect of my site and looking at my work. I certainly enjoyed designing and developing the whole site, as much of an effort that it was.

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