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03 Oct 2012

New Twitter header image

Written by Chris
My new Twitter profile page design

Hello everyone,

I thought I will give a small update this week, I began designing a new background and general graphics overhaul for my Twitter account. I wanted something that was new and visually appealing for visitors of my profile.

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19 May 2012

Being very naughty again…

Written by Chris
Instagram App Logo

Okay so once again I have neglected my blog ever so slightly again however there is good reason as I am updating my website. Yes, I have kept it hidden for ages now but soon I will be finished and it will be amazing. Since my last blog lots of things have been happening like Instagram being bought by Facebook. Very exciting news indeed when it happened as it was something that was trending and expected to keep growing. So for it to become one with the ‘book and what would happen to it became part of the buzz.

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28 Feb 2012

Written by Chris

So I’ve jumped on the Instragram band wagon for a while now and find it quite fun. I know it can be annoying to those outside of the circle who get waves of instagram related posts on their Twitter/Facebook feeds but it can be quite interesting to see what people post. I’ve not done a whole deal on it myself but finding the time to get your phone out and take snaps isn’t always the best and sometimes you just plain forget. Anyway I hope to add more fun and interesting pics in the future!

18 Sep 2011

What am I upto now?

Written by Chris

I thought I’d give a bit of an update as to what I am doing right now. Currently on a placement and doing lots of lovely work and learning loads. One in particular when finished will be popped up on here and into my Portfolio too! I am also contemplating whether to put up bits of work I have lying around to boost up the content I have on here. It would certainly be nice to put up some new stuff which is more relevant to what I am doing now and the direction I want to take in my career. Also a website I am developing as a freelancer is taking a good direction forward as a bit of development issue I’ve been having really brought things down for me. It also made the project tedious but now I am excited about it again! Anyway I shall leave at this for now! Hopefully post more in this month than the last. Yes I know I said that last time but I promise you!

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