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18 May 2014

Samsung Galaxy 11 Youtube Campaign

Written by Chris

The 2014 Football World Cup will be happening soon. Ahead of the Summer games, Samsung launched the Galaxy 11 Youtube viral video; to promote the Samsung Galaxy S5, which was released a month ago. The whole campaign is kind of like Space Jam, but with Football instead of Basketball. An Alien invasion is imminent, to counter the threat; Eleven Football players are selected from across the globe, and drafted into the Galaxy 11 Football team to fight them. The online viral video is about the training the players are put under, in preparation for the match against the invading Aliens.

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04 May 2014

Game Boy anniversary campaign microsite

Written by Chris
Game Boy 25th Infographic

After almost a year of neglect for this blog, I am back! This time I have been producing, since early April, an infographic and campaign microsite, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the launch of the original Game Boy. The handheld console first came out in Japan, April 21st 1989. It beaten it’s competitor’s by a mile with its simplicity and addictive games.

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05 Jun 2013

Flat design and Skeuomorph design

Written by Chris

These two design terms are practices I have always used however the actual terms themselves were not in my knowledge till recently. I came across an article someone posted on Twitter regarding flat design versus skeuomorph design. I was very surprised to learn that adding a texture as part of a background was called skeuomorph design. Much to my pleasure of learning this, it also came to my attention that the application of the term skeuomorph to this type of design was incorrect. Because skeuomorphism applies to physical objects whereas the use of the term in design is for flat, digitised screen elements.

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16 Sep 2012

Redesign completed!

Written by Chris
Image of my new website in Desktop, Tablet and Mobile view

It’s been a long time since I last posted an update but I am pleased to announce the redesign of my website! The site has been completely redesigned and upgraded to HTML5 and WordPress. I’ve also taken the liberty of making it responsive too which means the website is pretty much as up-to-date as possible. The work in the portfolio has also been updated to newer much better quality of work. Well when I say new I mean that it wasn’t on my site before.

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26 Feb 2012

Still Alive!!

Written by Chris

Hello folks,

It’s been a while, a long time even, however I have returned to blogging! Yay I kind of stopped because I just couldn’t find the time with my new job. I have been working as a Junior Designer since November and it’s been great. The people there are very nice, I work with a great team of like-minded people and it’s been good getting to know them. Besides the people I work closely with the rest of the company are just as great, a good mix of a variety of skills and experiences of people and I definitely look forward to getting to know them more. Besides my day to day tasks I recently found out it is possible to write blog posts for the company blog. So I got involved in it and here it is, my first blog post for theEword!

Mobile Web or Responsive Web Design?

So go on have a read because I definitely enjoyed writing it! I think I will end this post here for now but expect more from me from now on!

18 Sep 2011

What am I upto now?

Written by Chris

I thought I’d give a bit of an update as to what I am doing right now. Currently on a placement and doing lots of lovely work and learning loads. One in particular when finished will be popped up on here and into my Portfolio too! I am also contemplating whether to put up bits of work I have lying around to boost up the content I have on here. It would certainly be nice to put up some new stuff which is more relevant to what I am doing now and the direction I want to take in my career. Also a website I am developing as a freelancer is taking a good direction forward as a bit of development issue I’ve been having really brought things down for me. It also made the project tedious but now I am excited about it again! Anyway I shall leave at this for now! Hopefully post more in this month than the last. Yes I know I said that last time but I promise you!

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