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26 Feb 2012


Written by Chris
Marks and Spencer Valentines AR ad

A while ago I downloaded an App called Blippar, it’s an augmented reality app that is used for advertising and marketing. How it works is there are certain ads out there with the Blippar logo on it and that means that poster has certain hotspots on it which the app can pick up. Back in November I saw a bus shell ad had it, which is where I came across this channel of communication. I downloaded the app and to my disappointment could not get it to work.

However recently I came across another Blippar powered ad and hoorah it worked! It was for the Rowntress The red ones campaign. I shall upload photos when I finally get the time to download them to my computer. It wasn’t as exciting as I first thought it would be. Basically the sweet packaging pictures on the ad were the hotspots, a little CTA appeared directing you to Facebook. Sadly I never clicked it because I didn’t realise it at the time. Anyway from what I can tell the mechanics of it are Ad with hotspot(s), you use the app to pick up the hotspots and get the click through links to either a website or social media link. I guess from there maybe a competition (like in this case) or other goodies and information about the brand.

I’ve seen other augmented reality related campaigns like Shazam and Aurasma. Shazam was used during the Superbowl 2012 earlier this month. Aurasma was used by Marks and Spencer for their Valentines campaign, where you could get a lingerie model to appear on your phone through the AR app, displaying all kinds of different gifts you can get your partner (pictured above).

It would be nice to try out AR someday through some side project I do in my spare time, definitely be worth it to checkout and develop my understanding of this communication channel as it becomes more prominent and useful to the design industry.

Image from TheDrum

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