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05 Sep 2012

Ahead of New Shameless series a viral is released on Facebook

Written by Chris
Shameless Facebook Viral of Franks CV

Channel 4’s acclaimed television hit, Shameless, on its Facebook page released a viral ahead of the broadcast of the new series starting next week. The viral is Frank’s CV and of course fans of the show will know, looking or having a job is not something he is familiar with.

Having only been released an hour before this post, the status containing the image and link has already accumulated over 5000 likes and shared over 1000 times. This shows how popular Shameless is and they have chosen a perfect time to release it as a lot of the show’s key audiences are either finishing school, college or work. This has to be planned as it is too convenient. Very clever Channel 4, very clever.

Contents of Frank’s CV

The CV itself contains what looks like a child’s scribbles, we can only assume this is to reflect Frank’s education level and his attitude towards job hunting. It then lists his past experiences and within the copy is Mancunian Easter eggs such as “roadie for Oasis” and “DJ at the Hacienda”.

It is very questionable as to whether the character has done any of these things within the show and given Frank it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a lie. Looking at all this it seems like a very good job from Channel 4 and I am quite excited to watch the new series.

Franks CV from Shameless online viral

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