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22 Feb 2013

30 Best Print Advertisements

Written by Daniel Ray

Advertising is one of the most famous tools of marketing and therefore it has a lot of importance. The advertising is of many kinds. For example the ads we see on the billboards are different than the ones we see on the television. However all the ads that are printed can be passed off as the print ads. It is extremely important that the print ads be very eye catching and attractive so that the maximum number of effects can be gained from them.

Usually the companies and corporations try their best to make print ads that would have the right impact on the people. They need to generate a certain response from the public and therefore they try their best to create amazing ads. Here are the 30 examples of the best print advertisements:

  1. The Panasonic 3D TV: Dino ad got a lot of response and appreciation.
  2. Samsung Optical Zoom dog ad also got very famous.
  3. The Delsey Luggage: Tarmac is yet another example.
  4. Abranet Tree is another famous ad.
  5. Tag Heuer Bird has won a lot of appreciation
  6. Telepizza Extra Cheese and Giant Kong is one of the hilarious print ads.
  7. The Air Wick bucket has given a sense of humor to the most impossible ad
  8. Pastorni Toy Store and Pilot has won a lot of applause
  9. WWF Bluefin Tuna Overfishing and Panda has been successfully able to provoke thoughts out of the people.
  10. English Mastery: Absurd Crosswalk is another one.
  11. Colgate Max White One guy always puts a smile to our faces.
  12. Farmer’s insurance and work injuries ad is also an important and famous ad.
  13. Kawasaki Skater is for the young generation.
  14. The Paladar Gastronomy Festival Exchange 3 Ad is one of the famous ads.
  15. Avis Reunion ad is a very attractive print ad.
  16. Tiger Vacuum Bottle Snow ad is another example.
  17. Volvic Plum ad is another simple yet amazing ad.
  18. Wikipedia War ad is one of the most famous print ads to date.
  19. Panpaverde Extra Big Burger print ad is one of the most bizarre and famous ads.
  20. Fabercastell True colors Eggplant ad gives one of the most realistic and effective example.
  21. Stihl Bush ad is just another great example.
  22. Save the Rhino and Zebra ad is a very though provoking print ad as well.
  23. Pepsi Diet Unpimp your body is another effective print ad.
  24. Duracell Ship ad is another great ad that shows about the power of simple two cells.
  25. Getty Images underwater ad is one of the award winning ads.
  26. Smart Pollution is another great ad that immediately gives the right message.
  27. TACA airlines Small San Francisco is also one of the great ads.
  28. ANCMA to be Noticed ad is one of the greatest attractive ads.
  29. Canal iPhone Football ad is another example.
  30. Shriram cement Anthena Greece is also one of the top 30 ads.

Author Bio:

Hi, this is Daniel Ray from Virginia, USA! Working as Design Coordinator and stock expert in PrintingRay.Com. PrintingRay is an online cheap custom stickers printing company providing the best sticker printing stock in USA market.

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