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A Graphic Designer specialising in Web Design and Development. Currently working as a Junior Designer. Confident in the use of Design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. My skills also include developing websites in HTML5 and CSS3 as well as using WordPress to deliver client-ready websites.


My Skills

Below is an infographic of both my Design and Technical Skills.

Technical Skills


Design software related technical skills, I work with the basic set of Adobe packages and am most confident in Photoshop. I can also use both Illustrator and InDesign to a satisfactory standard.

Photoshop Skill statistic
76 %
Illustrator Skill statistic
58 %
InDesign Skill statistic
55 %
AfterEffects Skill statistic
45 %


Front-end development technical skills, I work with WordPress to develop fully client-ready websites. I am also confident in using HTML and CSS, with knowledge of using JQuery for enhanced interaction and user experience.

Web Development Skills Infographic>

Design Skills

Skills I have for designing, with good conceptual thinking my focus recently has been on attention to detail and execution. In my various design agency experiences I have improved on my typesetting and page layout skills.

Design Skills Infographic
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03 Feb 2016